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Jun 24, 2016

Gap Year: using a year between high school and college in particular ways in order to maximize the value of college. In Episode 81, Chris Cahill talks Gap Year with Ethan Knight, co-founder of the American Gap Association. The AGA serves as a comprehensive resource for those interested in the programmatic Gap Year's instructional, experiential, and adventuresome qualities.


You can find out more about Ethan Knight and the American Gap Association here.


Or you can find them here:

Twitter: @americangap





About Ethan Knight


Ethan Knight has been working within the world of Gap Years since 1996, when he took his own Gap Year to India, Nepal and Tibet. Back in those days the only options to taking an official Gap Year was through the Center for Interim Programs, and that's exactly how he first heard about this strange thing called a Gap Year. After an inspired talk at his high school, he started a conversation with Interim Programs to discuss what would eventually turn into his own sojourn. Ethan graduated from Willamette University - a small Tier 1 private liberal arts university - with majors in English and Philosophy, and a minor in Environmental Sciences. Immediately after graduating he went to work for LEAPNOW as an intern where his passion for education really took firm root. With the help of a few key mentors along the way, primarily Sam Bull, Ethan eventually led programs for groups of Gap Year students through Latin America and Asia, finally working his way up to Assistant Director of the organization.

After seven years at LEAPNOW, Ethan returned home to Portland, Oregon to found Carpe Diem EducationWhile Carpe Diem began with just three programs, Ethan added five more over the next six years in order to create more options for a wider variety of students. During his tenure at Carpe Diem Education, Ethan also founded the International Carpe Diem Foundation (now Carpe Mundi) - a non-profit dedicated to the inclusion of economically disadvantaged students in Gap Year programs and higher education. It is currently the only non-profit of its kind in Oregon.

Eventually, after 6 years at Carpe Diem he recognized a need for a professional association amongst Gap Year providers. The needs of the industry were demanding a hub for information-sharing, development of best-practices, and objective evaluation. Thus, in 2012 he worked with many in the field to found the American Gap Association.

Jun 10, 2016

In Episode 80, marriage and family therapist Carrie Rosenbloom discusses how to cultivate thoughtfulness and discernment in those relationships which constitute the why of our achievements, both professionally and financially. 


You can find out more about Carrie and The Family Mediation Group here.


Or you can find her here:

Twitter:  @mommyontherocks


LinkedIn: Carrie Rosenbloom; The Family Mediation Group



About Carrie Rosenbloom


Carrie Rosenbloom is co-founder and partner in the Family Mediation Group, LLC, and co-founder and partner in CT Relational Therapy, LLC.  She has a background in the law and a deep interest in human relationships. Rosenbloom’s belief that the two fields are intertwined led her to develop both practice groups. She began her career as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County, IL. primarily serving the narcotics bureau, Chicago’s busiest department. She went on to development work in the non-profit sector, raising money and developing programming for underserved Latino youth in one of Chicago’s near north neighborhoods. Motherhood became Rosenbloom’s next passion, raising children in the mountains of Ojai, CA., where she and her husband, four children and five dogs took a different path in life. It was there that Rosenbloom combined her love of learning with her interest in human relationships and took on the role of content editor at the now defunct Connecting with other mothers, she and her team sought to shift the dialogue between moms from raising children, to one of raising adults, childhood being the stepping stone. In 2009, she and her family moved East to Connecticut, and she co-founded the two practice groups.  Soon, Rosenbloom will share much of what she’s learned about how succeeding in business is related to success at home. Her Financial Poise column, “Lifecycle Management for Business Success,” debuts next week.